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Welcome to Knights of Columbus Insurance

Protect What Matters Most. Your Life. Your Family. Your Future.

Welcome to Knights of Columbus Insurance

Protect What Matters Most. Your Life. Your Family. Your Future.

Welcome to Knights of Columbus Insurance

Protect What Matters Most. Your Life. Your Family. Your Future.

Welcome to Knights of Columbus Insurance

Protect What Matters Most. Your Life. Your Family. Your Future.

Welcome to Knights of Columbus Insurance

Protect What Matters Most. Your Life. Your Family. Your Future.

Policies Built To Fit Your Needs

Since our founding in 1882, the primary mission of the Knights of Columbus has been to provide financial security to our members and their families. Ranking among the Fortune 1000 list of America’s largest companies, Knights of Columbus has consistently earned superior industry ratings for fiscal stability and ethical business practices. In fact, the Knights of Columbus has been recognized by the Ethisphere Institute as a 2018 World’s Most Ethical Company for the fifth consecutive year.

As a Field Agent, I offer top-quality life insurance, long term care insurance, disability income insurance, and annuity products throughout the United States and Canada. With 42 consecutive years of rating excellence (A+, Superior) from A.M. Best, Knights of Columbus is truly your shield for life.

Our Services

Term & Permanent
Life Insurance

We offer a variety of life insurance products, including Single Premium Whole Life (SPWL) Whole Life and Competitive Term. We also offer specialty products like Survivorship Universal Life for estate planning purposes. Whether you need mortgage protection, debt reduction, income replacement, or estate planning, we offer superior products to protect our members and their families.

Long Term Care

Long Term Care insurance can pay for your care when you can no longer care for yourself. This benefit can assist you whether you wish to stay in your own home or receive care in a Long Term Care facility or an Assisted Living facility. Long Term Care insurance covers services generally not covered by health insurance and allows you to receive quality care for your extended medical needs.


Is your most important financial asset protected? Most people think their house is their most valuable asset, but, in reality, it’s their ability to earn a paycheck; without this, all other assets are in jeopardy. What would you do if you lost your ability to work? Income Armor® from the Knights of Columbus can pick up where your paycheck left off. The Knights of Columbus offers a broad spectrum plan that is suited for most insurable occupations.


Your principle is guaranteed with your simple and secure annuity products. Annuities provide long-term accumulation of wealth specifically designed for retirement. Knights of Columbus invests in ethical vehicles that generate competitive rates while assuring the absolute safety of your retirement nest egg. Whether saving for retirement or moving volatile funds into ‘safer waters’, we offer programs that will help you achieve your financial goals.


As a Member of the Knights of Columbus, you are entitled to meet with your very own Field Agent to discuss your financial situation and how the Order can assist you and your family to plan for the future. We perform a full needs analysis using Profiles and Forecaster software to map out your current and future needs. These services are complimentary to Members and their spouses. Contact us today to meet with your Field Agent.

Find Your
Field Agent

Call us today to meet your very own Agent with the Knights of Columbus. We look forward to finding out how we can best help you to achieve all your financial goals through our wide range of products. Help protect your family and discover the value of insurance by brother Knights for brother Knights.


For investors seeking to both grow their wealth and maintain their integrity, the tradition, experience and expertise that have helped to build a $25 billion investment portfolio are available, managed in full compliance with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops socially responsible investment guidelines.

About Derek Brown

I was born and raised in Northfield and now reside in Somers Point. I am a convert to the Catholic faith. One of the first things I did was become a knight for the Knights of Columbus. I started doing works of charity with the Knights. Pancake Breakfasts, Chili Cookoffs, or any fundraisers to help fund parishes and organizations that help and assist those in most need. Pro-Life activities were especially important to me. Also, praying for my Brother Knights and the repose if their souls after the Thanksgiving Day Mass at Our Lady of Sorrows was especially moving for me. After my high school sweetheart and I got married and had the first of 5 daughters (we also have a son), I was approached by Pete Marsico about life insurance offered through the Knights.

Little did I realize that I was sitting across from my future boss. I didn’t know at that point what God wanted with my life regarding my career. At that point I was working for a bank and continued feeling a deep longing for something more in my life. I felt there was something more I could be doing. Wanting something more, I applied and was hired by WAWA. I had a wonderful and successful career with them. But the deep longing in my heart kept nagging me. My wife noticed this uneasiness in my soul and encouraged me to ask God what He wanted with my life. Through a series of almost miraculous events God was unfolding before me the work of a field agent to help protect the future of my Brothers. I applied and took this job and although the transition from working for companies to being self employed has been a huge sacrifice, I finally feel that I am living the call that God has put in my heart. This doesn’t mean that my vocation as being a father wasn’t fulfilling but adding the dynamic of working to serve God’s people on this earth as a field agent for the Knights of Columbus has filled my heart with deep gratitude at seeing the goodness of God. My job is a call within a call. God has put me on this earth to first, be a faithful husband and father, and second to serve those in His Roman Catholic Church by protecting families and their futures. I believe in the Knights. I am proud to serve my Brothers.


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